Will you find Aarni’s treasure with the help of your friends?

You have probably heard that people used to hide savings and treasures below the ground, in caves, under bushes or in other suitable places during dangerous times. Some of the hiding places were forgotten and to this day not all hidden treasures have been raised!

The birthday child’s job is to find the treasure, guarded by Aarni, the Finnish keeper of hidden treasures, together with his friends.

But how to find it? And where? A treasure map and the Light of Aarni may help. Only Aarni does not easily reveal his secrets …

Duration: approx. 1,5 hrs.

Participants: max. 12 children

Age: 5 – 10 yrs.

Price: 230 €

Price includes: Program, local guide, treasure, hot juice, VAT.

Starting point: To bee agreed in advance

The choice of location can have an impact on the final price!

Available: April – November (weather permitting)

Clothing: Outdoor clothing according to weather

Languages: English, Finnish, German

Additional services: Campfire meals

Bringing your own food and beverages is of course allowed!