Relaxation, hiking, family fun and history in the nature of the Oulu region

Are you looking for a way to escape everyday life and relax in the nature of the Oulu region? Join us on the physically lighter Relaxation Tour!

Do you need tips and instructions for hiking in Finland? The tour Hiking in Finnish offers an introduction to Finnish hiking culture and practice for families and beginners.

The program Treasure hunt for the whole family leads you to some of the most beautiful spots in the Rantakylä recreation area in Liminka and provides excitement, sensory impressions and physical activity to the whole family.

Experience the winterly darkness in a new way with our winter program Don’t be afraid of the dark!.

Are you interested in the history of Finland? Guided tours in the Oulu region give you a lively insight into the history of the region and Finland in general.

All our activities in the pure nature of Finland are based on the positive impact of nature on our wellbeing and health and are organized sustainably.

Have a closer look at our programs and conact us!

“Between every two pines is a doorway to a new world.”

John Muir